When travelling, follow your nose

In my last post, I discussed how it’s important to make connections to experience more authentic local travel experiences. Something I didn’t talk about is how you should eat like one too!

Travelling allows you to learn and experience another culture and a big component of that is food! Food brings people together on many different levels. If you think about it, it’s the ingredient in all our lives that binds us. It brings everyone together in a manner very few other activities can. Not to mention we literally need it to survive in our everyday lives! Continue reading


Take chances, make connections, and get travelling!

Often, when we think of travel, we think about how excited we are to see a cool new place, but did you ever think of travelling as a way to meet cool new people?

Human connection is something we all crave. Making the effort to connect to people enriches our lives. While I discussed in my last blog post how sometimes people we encounter might not have good intentions, this is not always the case! In fact, in travel and in everyday life, most people are good people, you just need to give them a chance. Continue reading

5 tips to deter potential thieves: Being present in travel, doesn’t mean you’re not also aware

While you are enjoying your travel experiences with your travel companion(s), as discussed in my last blog post, often overlooked is a sense of awareness around you. Because we are on vacation, sometimes we let our guards down and don’t take proper security measures to ensure that our belongings (and ourselves) are safe and sound. No, this does not mean you should stop living in the moment and enjoy your travels, rather having a sense of your surroundings enhances your travel experiences.

Continue reading